Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ready To Roll

Been busy today.

"The Winged Shepherd" has been pretty much rewritten and polished. I've submitted it to TPN for final comments before posting it off to PARSEC. Today is the 13th so it needs to go either tonight, or at the very worst, tomorrow night. I think it's pretty much done, so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

"Drinkers" has been finished. That will go up to TPN after I finish posting this, as this weeks offering.

"Too Late the Rain" has been finished. That will go up to TPN next week.

Both of these pieces have grown, so only one can be entered into the AHWA contest. The other will be submitted to Midnight Echo. Currently I don't have a piece to submit to the flash fiction (<1000 words) competition.

I've added another piece to the examples page on my website. This is an interesting piece of history. It is the very first piece I ever wrote. It's not exactly a story, more a narrative, which is why it never went anywhere. The second piece I wrote was "Wake-up Call" which was published by AntipodeanSF.

I've updated my submissions spreadsheet. Now there's a dismal sight. Currently it reads as:

Published: 3 pieces
Accepted to be published: 2 pieces
Out to market: 1 piece
In progress: 9 short stories (including those three mentioned above)
Abandoned: 10 projects (fiction and non-fiction pieces included)

Plus I have two novels and two novella's in progress, and the outline of another story tucked away that I may or may never write.

I'm considering working on Tiger's Eye once these three pieces are out the door but then I want to research a new idea I have. Tiger's Eye (the first draft) has been written and won't go anywhere so, I'm in no hurry with that one.

I have to look into my next two assignments this week as well, finish another review for HorrorScope, take my wife to "Prom Night" and prepare for the arrival of our new puppy - see link at the bottom of the blog.

The good part about this week - no painting!

So in the next seven to ten days, I'll be submitting at least three pieces out to market - how about you?

Good luck with your writing.


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