Tuesday, April 22, 2008


If it isn't a recognised disease -- it should be.

For the last day and a half, I've been walking around with my brain switched off and my eyes half closed. Eight and a bit years ago, my youngest child was born. I remember getting up at two in the morning for feeding time. I felt like crap the day after and everyday for the first six months of her life but it was worth it. Now I have a puppy doing it to me all over again. But this time without the overwhelming feeling of pride and love.

At least twice a night, he wakes me up with his crying, whining and barking. I stagger out of bed and let him out the back. So far he's managed to do his business outside more often than not, which is good but occasionally he doesn't make it and I'm left to clean up a mess in the wee hours of the morning.

I haven't written or read anything for the last few days due to sleep dragging at my eye-lids should I so much as look at written words in prose.

Later today, I need to sit down and get stuck in. My wife and kids can look after the new arrival for the rest of the day, while I try and get some work done.

By the end of today I need to have read both my due assignments and hopefully I can get the final review done for HorrorScope.

Tomorrow I want my first drafts finished, and I can do the revisions for Drinkers and Grimoire. I need to copy the final comments on Winged Shepherd to file, in case it doesn't do any good in competition, in preparation for a rewrite for market. I need to do a final read through of the current version of Too Late the Rain so that can go up to AbD next week. And then there's all the reading I still have to do.

At some stage this week, I'd like to play a round of golf too, but that doesn't look likely.

*******News Flash********

Puppy photo page has been updated. BJ is now 8 weeks old. See how he's grown here.

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