Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Sorry it's been so long since I last updated. Work has been insane to the point that I've gotten home very tired.

Last weekend was our cricket GF in which we fell apart and got rolled big time. My last ever game of cricket was not particularly memorable - enough said.

The club was nice enough to organise a cake and a card for my birthday which was nice and there were some touching and heart-felt words within it from some of the younger players I've mentored this year.

"Too Late the Rain" should hit the Critters queue tonight and "Drinkers" has gather a few crits from TPN.

I've gathered a new piece to do my next assignment on but haven't yet received feedback on my last one.

I haven't made any time to work on "An ill Wind" yet either. Must do over Easter.

Thank you to MoleCat for leaving a comment. And for your suggestions and help on the blog improvements. I'm yet to make my way over to your blog but if you'd like to swap links and each host the others link - I'd be more than happy to.

OK - that's it for tonight. Short and sweet but I'm yet again ready for bed.

Good luck with your submissions.


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