Friday, March 7, 2008

Love Hate relationship

I have finally received a marked and commented assignment back. Another B minus. Must be my starting grade, something to build from.

My lecturer for this first module is a hard task master I think. Reminds me of an architecture professor I read about once in another piece of fiction. Only different. The Prof was the type that knew his stuff and rode his students hard, never offering friendship or trying to build a rapport outside the classroom. That's OK I think. He's there to teach and students are there to learn. Push those who have a talent harder, make them achieve more. All good stuff.

My lecturer is a little different. He puts my submissions down, with no regard he points out flaws with a casualness bordering on callousness. I can almost see the smirk as he writes his comments. The use of the phrase "rather ordinary" when refering to my first draft that was required to be handed up, is a little harsh I would have thought. Still, in amongst this he welcomes me to the course warmly, is glad I'm enrolled, looks forward to working with me. A wolf in sheeps clothing if ever I saw one.

Perhaps, I'm being too harsh and reading things into it that aren't really there. Perhaps I'm still a little sensitive over my own work. We'll see. I will continue to try my best and continue to shoot for a minimum of a B grade.

I'll go over my next assignment one last time before submitting it early next week.

Albedo One review has been posted. You can see it here. I'll post it to this blog and my web site in a day or two.

My books arrived today so now I have Black Static to review and three anthologies, plus a short story to crit and seven chapters to read before I can crit the 8th.

Oh - and I have the cricket semi final to play over both days this weekend.

No rest for the wicked.

Good luck with your submissions.

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