Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Crits and Reading

Not getting a lot of fictional writing done lately. I've posted a few critiques into my new writers group "The Prose Nest" (TPN) but haven't had anyone take a look at my little short yet.

I've packaged up my latest assignment but decided to hang onto it until I gain feedback on my resubmitted one.

Slugging my way through the latest issue of Albedo One. I've read six or so stories and the interview so far. The interview is good and worth the cost of the mag but I've only identified with two of the stories so far. Some of those I thought not particularly great are apparent award winners. I've asked a fellow HorrorScoper for their opinion so we'll see if I'm in over my head or not. Personally, I just don't like most of the stories in the mag. :(

Tonight I have other commitments, (Cricket) so its a non-writing related night, but that's cool. I don't like to obsess and my writing was definitely bordering on an obsession. I'm slowly reigning it in again although those that are closest to me may disagree. ;)

For those of you interested, the short list for Australia's Premier Award in Dark Fiction, The Australian Shadow Award has been announced. You can check it out here.

Good luck with your submissions.


  1. Found my way here from AbD. I agree with you about "modern" stories leaving a lot to be desired. I've let my subscription to Analog Science Fiction lapse for much the same reason: boring stories. What was it researchers deduced a few years ago? The substandard don't know that they are substandard. Something like that. Time for breakfast. Good night.

  2. Very true Bob. I have read a few interviews from anthology editors who said this past year has seen the rise of a lot of mediocrity in the short fiction market. There are still a few very good stories out there but editors seem to be accepting more of the middle of the road submissions rather than waiting for the good stuff.

    It makes getting acceptances to submissions easier in some markets but as a reader, it isn't very good.