Friday, March 14, 2008

Still Playing

I've figured out how to put a background onto the blog but not how to extend it all the way to the right edge - still working on that.

According to my counters, people are visiting my little corner of cyberspace but none of you wish to leave a comment :( Please let me know what you think of the layout and the content. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please. OK I'll stop begging now.

My critiques are still receiving good feedback from TPN which is nice. I'm glad to be useful to some. My crit of a FF members short was also received favourably. I'm not into blowing sunshine up the proverbial so it's comforting to know that some people are serious about wanting to improve their craft. I'm not a total prick about it either so people needn't worry I'm going to set out to destroy them. I only want to help.

I need to update the version of "Too Late the Rain" that is going on Critters soon (I think - I hope) and do at least one crit for those members.

Still waiting on a response from any one of the six pieces I currently have out in the market. Five of them are now over due a response. One has probably been overlooked and the editors not bothered to respond as this is a freelance market and they can be notorious for not responding. Four of them are due a response sometime this month as the deadline was the end of last month. The market is after 500 stories for an anthology of which I've submitted four. The last isn't due a response until mid next month. Soon, "Drinkers" and "Too Late The Rain" will be joining them.

The heat continues here in Adelaide. Today is supposed to top 41C with tomorrow being 39C and Sunday 40C. Not looking good for the cricket grand final. I may well have already played my last game. I've been nominated by the umpires for the Grade 2 medal for cricketer of the year which was nice. I don't expect to come close to some of the others who have been nominated from other clubs but it is nice to get the nod for the 6th time (I think) in my time playing cricket. Unfortunately I've never won it.

Well - time to go crit something for Critters and resub "Too Late the Rain".

Good luck with whatever you're writing at the moment and remember no editor will purchase your work if you don't submit it.


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  1. Hello there,

    Thought I'd respond to a few things.

    The first being your request to leave a comment and I know how that feels. I have a site simulair to yours. In actual fact we are both members of the Australian Horror Web Ring and I get very few comments even though I know at least one or two people reach my site per day.

    Secondly, I worked out how to change the width on my site but I cannot remember exactly how.
    I know you have to edit the HTML.
    I had a quick look at my HTML through the blogger customise screen and did a find on width and came up with this...
    #main-wrapper {
    margin-left: 1.2%;
    width: 74%;
    float: left;
    word-wrap: break-word;
    this is for the main text the side bar is simualar.

    #sidebar-wrapper {
    margin-right: 1.2%;
    width: 18%;
    float: right;
    word-wrap: break-word;

    Notice how I made them percentages, this means it will work on different screen resolutions. I remember fiddling around with it for ages and ages until i got it right. ALways save a backup copy of previous HTML.
    I think that was what I did but I cannot be a hundred percent certain. There are a lot of blogs on blogger that give tips on how to edit the html. Some of the ideas they have are very good.

    The next response I have is with submissions. Horror is the dark art, the car crash that everyone judges but cannot look away from. I go through stages of submitting and then breaking away, giving myself a rest from submitting.
    The dead ends seem to drain me.
    I cannot help but to write though.
    With me it is more of compulsion than anything else.
    I thought of submitting only to competitions. That way I'd feel less of the rejection and keep in mind that I need to try harder to be a "winner".
    I don't know really, my short stories come out and I like them or hate them. My novels I toil and toil to make them the best they can be and then turn around and rewrite.

    At this stage I may be rambling.
    I'm in Melbourne, hot here, hotter there. Crazy end of the world weather.
    No one said it would be damp.

    Matty Out.