Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Layout

Having taken my inspiration from HorrorScope, the new layout for this blog is pretty much done. Things have been rearranged and the theme has been firmly planted into the dark side. I'm still playing with what picture I want on the background but, rest assured, it will remind the viewer of dark things.

Thanks to Shane from HorrorScope and Smoke and Mirrors, and to MoleCat from Blind Dust Collection for all the help and suggestions.

On the diploma front - things have been a little quiet lately. I haven't received feedback or grading from my last assignment so I've been a little lax on completing the next. Last night I read though it and completed a first draft. I'll look to finishing that tomorrow in time for the start of the new week. As soon as my feedback comes in, I'll send it out the door.

Yesterday was a cool day. I promised my wife we'd look into buying a dog once I'd sorted out the rest of our finances. So yesterday we took a long trip to a breeder to look at some four week old puppies. Very cute. Pictures posted on the web site.

After spending some time with the dogs, we went for a drive through South Australian farm country. In the end we covered over 300km, round trip. We stopped at a couple really old cemeteries and took some photo's of the oldest graves. These were all children's graves. I know it sounds sick but it seems my writing is very much focused on dark fiction involving children.

In no particular order

Drinkers - children vampires
Too Late the Rain - involves a child ghost
Ill Wind - Cot death
Grimoire - involves teenagers
The Gift - Demonic Child
Danielle - Daughter of Satan

I have plenty of other works that don't involve kids primarily but all my latest work does.

In the end, we had a great day out and took some really nice photo's.

I hope you've all had a wonderful Easter.

Good luck with your writing!


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