Wednesday, March 5, 2008

And then it hit me...

Yesterday, I was driving to my local convenience store to grab a packet of smokes and had to stop at a pedestrian crossing. A little blond-haired girl was standing there holding her Mum's hand, waiting for the cue to cross. She looked across at me sitting behind the wheel and smiled. Not a smile of friendly greeting or of mischievous delight but one bordering on malevolence. It was as if she was coldly amused that she'd managed to stop me by pushing a button, as if she'd just discovered a very powerful secret and was determined to get everything she could out of it.

My guess is that she was just pleased as punch that her button push had stopped a few cars but the smile on her face triggered off some amazing thoughts in my head. I had a really big idea for a story. Not a short story but a novel sized story. Today I began researching it, putting little snippets together and now I have an idea for two books - independent tales but connected through this little girl.

Talk about excited! for labelling purposes - the working title for the story is Danielle.

My crit group (TPN) seems to have come alive. Through looking at past going's on and talking with members, it seems to have moments of activity laced with long periods of inactivity. My joining may have triggered a new round of the former. I've critiqued one chapter and one short. I have at least another chapter to do and another short with another members chapter coming soon.

Still waiting on crits to my little piece.

I have two stories to go in Albedo before I decide on my review - its growing on me. Now that the stories have settled into my subconscious, it is definitely growing on me. I should have the review by the weekend - stay tuned.

My copy of Black Static arrived today. I've only glanced through it but it looks right up my alley - so to speak. Nice and dark and full of hidden tales concerning my end of the spectrum - very cool.

Still no reply on the resubmitted assignment.

Busy, busy, busy.....

Hope everything is going gangbusters in your neck of the woods.

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