Monday, March 24, 2008


Took the lovely wife to IKEA for the first time today. It's a long drive from where we live so the Easter weekend is a good time to have a look. The store is huge with a massive range - you probably all know that already but this was our first time in its doors.

On my birthday, I received a new awesome writing desk and a very comfortable reading chair. Unfortunately the office room is quite small so the writing chair, with the new much bigger desk and the new reading chair wouldn't all fit in there nicely.

So today we bought a new writing chair, and a new bin, and a new lamp, and storage boxes, and etc, etc. $179 later we loaded up the car and headed home. More than we should have spent but we've been good for a while now so we could afford a little splurge. To counter balance this, we've started a fund to pay for future holidays and now throw all our gold coins into a separate jar. In Australia $1 and $2 are gold coins.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Four days off work and you'd think I'd get plenty of writing done. Not really - I critiqued a few pieces, had two pieces accepted, wrote a first draft of an assignment, accepted an invitation to host a chat on Horror, visited some old cemeteries for research and watched Mary Shelly's Frankenstein on the TV.

But I enjoyed it anyway. Tonight I'll revisit the assignment and hopefully start reading some of the anthologies I have piling up.

Good luck with your writing.


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