Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Changes

On a suggestion, I've updated My Work page to be my Bibliography page. It now contains links to the pieces I've had published electronically, all my reviews (both here and on other web sites) and lists of any pieces in print. I'll update the printed list with links to where you can purchase the book(s) as that information becomes available.

The critiques of "Too Late the Rain" are rolling in. Today is the last day and so far I've had 17 responses - pretty good. The glaringly obvious comment is that very few of the readers seem to understand that one of the characters is actually a ghost. It seems I am too subtle in my inferences. The majority of responses have been positive though and nearly all of them have claimed to be disturbed by the story - bingo!

I'm home feeling very sick and sorry for myself today. The weather here has changed from a heat wave to very cool. Guess my body wasn't ready for the change. Today I sit at the keyboard with a jumper on and still feeling cold where as a few days ago I was sweating in a T-shirt.

I need to pick the kids up from school in a couple of hours so I'd better get stuck into some reading. I need to finish a whole bunch of reviews soon. I also received my last assignment back. Apparently, I again mis-read what I was supposed to do. This time however, my writing apparently convinced the lecturer to pass me anyway but with a lower mark. He called my submission "ingenious" which is nice but the grade would exclude me from a credit or distinction so I'll be resubmitting again. :( So yet again I need to finish two assignments and get them sent of ASAP.

So much to do, so little time.

Good luck with your writing and keep on submitting.


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