Friday, March 28, 2008

Review: Gratia Placenti posted on HorrorScope

I've posted my latest review onto the esteemed pages of HorrorScope for you all to read.

Go Here

I have two more reviews to do and then I have the infamous Black Box anthology to review for Brimstone Press - very cool. I've also ordered a copy of Shards by Shane Jiraiya Cummings. Again, very cool.

I've done a first draft (fifth draft) of Ill Wind so that's ready to go to TPN. I've done a first draft of my next assignment and had an Epiphany in regards to my recently returned assignment (watch this space).

I have one week of work left and then three weeks holidays (yay, super cool, yippee) - slaps self in forehead - sorry about that.

I currently have five fiction books crying out for my attention and seven non-fiction books waiting for my time. "Too Late the Rain" needs to be finished as does "Drinkers", "Grimoire" and "Ill Wind" - not to mention my ongoing assignments.

No rest for the wicked - I hope.

Good luck with everything you do if has the slightest connection to your writing - and don't forget to submit it somewhere.


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