Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drinkers Version 3 (now known as Dark Rose)

I completed an extended rewrite of my new short story "Drinkers" last night. I took into account most of the changes suggested by members of TPN, omitting only those that asked to insert some passive phrases.

The biggest comment I received was on it's length so "Drinkers", like "Too Late the Rain" before it, has now doubled in size.

I'll post it back to the crit group tonight after cricket training (if I get a chance).

I have one and a half chapters left to go on my crit of one members novel. This isn't a completed work. Only up to chapter 8 has been submitted for critique to this point. I still have a short to do for FF member and I'd like to comment on part two of another short by another TPN member.

I have also offered my services as a type of mentor for another TPN member who is about to start submitting work into the big bad world of the editors.

I want to do some more lay out changes on the blog. When I post a review, it looks cluttered in its present format so some tinkering is required - stay tuned.

I'll post my review of Black Static tomorrow on here and the web site.

I forgot to post out my assignment today so I'll do a final check on that tonight and send tomorrow.

Not a lot else to report at this time.

Hope your writing is going well and all your submissions are accepted.


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