Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Received a rejection letter from Necrology Magazine late last Thursday. As it was the Easter weekend, we closed shop around 16:00, the email arrived 20 minutes later. It took me until late yesterday to find it!

I sent "Grimiore" to them a month ago. Received a nice rejection letter:

"Your work is interesting, but we did not feel it fit our current needs.
We would like to see further submissions from you in the coming future."

I'll have to hold them to that.

A TPN member has sent me all their previous chapters to bring me up to date, I've started reading Gratia Placenti, I'm helping a fellow HorrorScoper with some reviews, I have three stories to revise and polish, an assignment to finish and then there's work and family to fit in!

Time to go and do some work and hopefully fit in some writing stuff - a massive headache has begun drilling the inside of my skull so work of any kind on the PC may not last long.

Good luck with your writing.


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