Monday, November 17, 2008

Wamphyri Away

Last night I sent off Wamphyri to a brand new pro rate market - that should make figuring out which market I sent it to fairly easy - it's the only new pro market I've heard about for dark fiction emerging recently.

I also packaged up the very last assignment but I've run out of stamps at home so it'll have to wait until I find time to go down the post office. It needs to go in before the end of next week so there's no real rush. It'll go sometime in the next day or two.

Today I'll be catching up on some slush reading I need to do and writing up the comments. At some point I need to get stuck into a book I'm reading about writing freelance articles. This needs to be done as I'm expecting the next lot of books to arrive soon for Black and then I'll have no time to read anything else.

I'm procrastinating a bit at the moment. I have Idolatry which needs reworking (almost rewriting) and Newland. I haven't touched either of them in a while and know I need to really make a concerted effort on both. I really need to work on Newland in particular. But I keep finding other things to do.

But I'm just about out of excuses now. The school year is over. My critique of a friend's manuscript is over. No articles are due for SA50s+. All my stories are out in the market place except Idolatry.

Possible excuses I could use include: I have a mountain of books I haven't yet read. I have slush reading that needs doing because if I was submitting to this market, I wouldn't want to wait longer than necessary for a response. I need to rewrite Idolatry. I need to rewrite one of my other stories that has sat dormant for over six months. Christmas preparations are taking up too much time. My sister has just returned from interstate and I need to help her out. Found something new and interesting in cyberspace I need to blog about. I need to do something out the back/to the house/down at the club...

I know I can still write because when I force myself to sit down, it still comes out as easily as it always has. And everything I know I've learned over the past six months through my studies or through the net is now second nature, making it less of a chore during the subsequent drafts.

I seem to be lacking the inspiration to actually sit down and write, as if I need to take a breather now the bulk of the work for this year is over. That's fine, I'm all for a writer taking a step back and enjoying the feeling of finishing something, but now I need to get back to work.

It's an odd feeling.

Is this what they call writers block? Any suggestions for getting over it?

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