Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Slow Day

Today has been slow in every way possible.

Last night I went out and participated in senior cricket training in an effort to be ready for my recommencement in a little over a weeks time. Today I'm paying for it.

I ache in a way I thought was a distant memory. I'm moving around like a very old man.

To top things off, I forgot to grab the data I needed to finish of my assignment resubmission so I won't get that done before Friday.

I had a response back from the Diploma Coordinator and gained the answers I expected so everything is moving forward for next year as expected. My elective choice has been confirmed as has the opportunity to swap to an internal student for one of the modules next year. The infamous Mr Stone and I will finally meet. That should be interesting.

No new responses from my submissions today. Another one has become overdue so I'll need to write a query shortly. Two more become due by the 15th and another before the end of the month. I need one more sale to consider this year a step forward on last year - business wise. I think I've moved forward with my ability in the craft, as in my writing is much improved, which, in the end, is the real goal at the moment.

Time to go and shuffle back to a comfortable seat and relax while I wait for my muscles to stop complaining.


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  1. Sadly, the older you get the longer they complain.