Monday, November 10, 2008

Moving On

I completed my manuscript critique on Saturday and sent it to the author yesterday. Also on Saturday, I touched base with a mate who is in the South Australian Police Force. I'm interested in gaining more knowledge on how things happen with the local boys in blue, but it seems we don't have ride alongs like I've heard of happening in the US. I may have to just sit down with a large list of questions and pick my mates brain. Police procedural stuff seems to big in the markets and a lot of the scenarios I've been thinking up lately have some detective element in them. Honestly, how can something horrific (supernatural or not) happen in this day and age and not involve the police? I need to know how they would react to certain things, the procedures they would follow. If other crime/mystery/thriller/police procedural writers are out there reading this - how did you find out how things worked?

Late last night, I finished off the last unsubmitted assignment for module 2. I would have printed it out for sending off today, except my printer refuses to install on the new computer - if it's not one thing it's another :(

So I'll play the USB key shuffle tonight, and transfer my assignment to the family computer to allow me to print it off. It'll get sent out tomorrow.

This assignment has actually got me thinking about some articles I can do for some pretty big publications. I think I'll have to do some research and a little travelling of the next few weeks to see if it'll pan out.

I came up with a new concept for the assignment I am required to resubmit, but I cant get the source material I need until Tuesday night. Once obtained, I'll photocopy it off on Wednesday and hopefully have the assignment finished and ready for posting by Friday.

I also emailed the course coordinator about next year and the choices I have to make. I'll probably come across as anal and overly obsessed, but that's me. I much prefer to be fully prepared when going into these things. Forearmed is forewarned...and all that great stuff.

Got a response back on Idolatry last night. Not an acceptance or a rejection - unfortunately it had been misplaced, gobbled up by the ether. The publication is seriously backlogged at the moment so I fully expected to be told sorry, please try somewhere else, but they didn't. I was asked to resub and was immediately confirmed as being in the slush pile. I've always had positive interactions with this market (haven't made a sale to them, but they have always been helpful in the feedback department). So I've altered my tracking sheet with the new dates and now wait eagerly for responses on all my other stories to start rolling in over the next couple of weeks.

Still waiting on the assignment with my draft version of Wamphyri to be returned. I'm hoping the assignment gains a passing grade, obviously, but I really want to see what the lecturer says about my story.

Today in my day job, and for most of this week, I'm writing. Technical writing unfortunately. Can't put it off any longer. In four hours this morning, I've knocked up four documents. I have a bunch of web based FAQ's to do, and another 6-8 technical doco's to do for the IT Help Desk staff. Very dry and boring stuff.

Lunch time.

I hope things are moving positively forward for you, in life, and with writing, for you and yours.


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