Friday, November 7, 2008


Yep, another quiet day at work - and the boss left early which didn't promote an overly productive atmosphere among us plebs.

Result was I'm now up to page 116 out of 293 in my critique of my friend's manuscript. Not quite halfway. On the 29th of last month I received the full manuscript and promised she'd have it back in 10 days - therefore it's due tomorrow.

So tonight I'll be feverishly working through it and hopefully finishing it off sometime tomorrow. My youngest has had her weekly cricket game cancelled tomorrow due to lack of numbers with some of the team members going away on holidays and us not having any replacements. Good news for me - extra time to work.

Checked the post when I arrived home and no more assignments have arrived. I was really hoping my draft of Wamphyri would have been returned, but alas no. The job resume and application package I left in the mailbox for the family friend to pickup has gone so hopefully they liked what I did last night. Lets just say I was very creative ;c)

If I can get the resubmission and my final assignment for module two done on Sunday, then I'm pretty much finished. Sometime next week I'll be contacting the course coordinators to discuss my way forward for next year and find out what happened to my revised marks for semester one which never turned up.

So that's where I'm at.

Little wonder I'm not doing the NaNoWriMo challenge this year. Personally I think it's a great concept and one I'd love to find the time to do, but can't see me ever managing it - maybe when I've finished the diploma. I do however wish all those out there that are doing it all the very best. I'm avidly following a couple of writers attempting it this year and will be very interested to see how they get on.

Time to get back to critiquing.

Good luck with everything you're doing.


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