Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Firstly - Ben (and anybody else interested), over on the sidebar, and I'm going to move up into a more prominent position, is the Global Writing Classroom. In there I place links to good stuff I find around the place, as well as a link to all the posts in this blog with the label "Writing Tips". If you ever remember me posting, or rambling, about something half useful, chances are you'll be able to find it there. Or you can post a comment and ask and I'll post a new link like this one:

Link to the great writing advice by Alexandra Sokoloff.


Next update:

As to the recent question on how to formulate a query. Seems I still have a very shy following


Never mind: - The formula I used as outlined in this post, has worked a treat. I have gained notification that Too Late the Rain is still under consideration and has gone to a second editor. Last night I also received notification that Mobile is also still under consideration.

Obviously both of these could still fall short at the post, but they are no longer just being flat out thrown back - which is nice.

Oh - I hooked up with Cafe Doom recently and have just finished reading through the latest annual competition entries. And I come across one Felicity Dowker piece titled "Fine Print" - who says it's not a small world?

I read all the stories first and chose my own top 10, then I reread through the voting, and finally the results. My winner didn't win. Mind you, my winner came closer to the editors choice than the people's choice did.

Fel, you'll be happy to know, yours made my top 10 before I knew it was written by you.

Some very good submissions. If you're into the dark stuff, go have a look at Cafe Doom, it's a nice place. I joined primarily to have a go at the flash fiction comp they have each week. I'm losing the ability to write very short stories, so it'll give me practise - if I can find the time to write.

Just finished with the query letter and synopsis for a friend and sent them back. Hopefully they find the comments and suggestions useful. Hopefully they sell the manuscript for squillions and find it in the goodness of their heart to take me on as their full time, well paid critique writer - or they could just say thanks on the inside cover of the book. Honestly, I'd just be happy if they sent me a copy of the book once it's published.

It's all good.

Lastly, I've started my reading for review. I'm yet to update the library widgets, but I will as soon as I can. So chances are I'll be a little quieter, although this was supposed to be a short post when I started - rambling again...

Good luck with your submissions

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, BT. "Fine Print" is subbed to Shock Totem at the moment, so we'll see how it fares there. :o)