Monday, November 10, 2008

Assignments Returned

After getting my rejection, it was nice to receive some positive news on the diploma front.

My penultimate assignment for Mr Stone in 2008 has received a B+ and some additional encouraging remarks (mixed in with his usual comments designed to bring a student down to earth).

But even better (and stranger) was the return of the assignment I've been waiting on.

The strangeness comes in because it was returned without a grade. The comments have my name attached to them but reference another work. I'll be querying it tomorrow. More importantly, I gained a response about Wamphyri - "nailed it" was the term used.

As soon as I get the printer installed, I'll be printing off the final version and submitting it along with the last assignment for Mr Stone, and the requested resubmission. Hopefully I won't need to resubmit the strange assignment I got back today.

The end is nigh.

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