Sunday, November 2, 2008

Advanced Diploma 2008

As they say in Euka - I'm all but - all but done for this year as far as the diploma is concerned.

I'm still waiting for a whole bunch of them to be graded and returned, and I'm waiting on submission guidelines to arrive from a target market for my second to last assignment. I'm also waiting on the return of my draft submission of Wamphryi.

If the market guidelines confirm what I suspect, then I can send in the last assignment for Module 2. If the draft of Wamphyri comes back without too many requests for changes (there will be some - this teacher is not going to think a student can produce a flawless piece, even if it has been work shopped with other writers) then I should be able to knock that off quickly as well.

My only drama will be the assignments I haven't yet received back. I've had to resubmit assignments in the past so until I get them back with a sufficiently high enough grade, I don't count anything as done.

I received a letter from the Centre for Arts the other day notifying students when final submissions had to be in by. I've been working to the deadline of the 20th November. My schedule has me finishing on the 12th, leaving me two weeks for any resubmissions. The letter gives me until the 28th, so I have another full week up my sleeve.

If the best scenario plays out, I'll be finished by the 7th, and with two distinctions to my name.

It's just as well things are wrapping up - my laptop is dying. I finally concede it isn't driver or software causing my problems. I'm pretty sure it's the hardware. Time to save up and buy a new one. Maybe Santa could bring me one - I've been a good boy this year...

I'm also expecting replies back about story submissions this month. Just about the entire current batch actually. I queried two last month, got a response from one editor and nothing from the other market to this point, however I know they're having issues so I can be patient.

So hopefully a good month ahead.

I wish you all a good month ahead as well.


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