Monday, November 3, 2008


It seems highly possible that the soon-to-be released issue of SA50s+ will be the last issue I will write for.

A week or so ago, I was informed that the publishing agency was making some changes after this issue was released. Over the weekend I was told the editor has been removed.

It seems format and content changes are now going to go ahead. I don't know if the new editor will be contacting me in regards to further articles, or even if I want to write for the proposed new format.

On a personal note, I think the recently released editor did an outstanding job for the three issues she produced. The paper was vibrant and full of information the target demographic would find useful. If feedback letters are anything to go by, then she'd done the right thing.

Apparently it wasn't financially viable, or at least the end product wasn't. It seemed to me that articles were being squeezed more and more each issue due to increased pressure from the publishers to include more and more advertisements.

Apparently issue four, autumn 2009, will be completely different. The large, colourful, information packed format will be gone, replaced by a smaller publication with less content, but more ads!

I'm not getting paid to write the articles I do for this publication so I guess I can express my disappointment in these changes. If I lose the gig, so be it. It'll give me more time to write for other publications. If anyone out there is after a freelancer to do some work for them, leave me a comment.

Time to go look for a new gig...


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