Saturday, November 1, 2008

Come My Children

I have a follower: Ms Nienke Hinton from Canada. I feel all cultish and strange ;c) Thank you for hooking up - just for that I'll add you to the link exchange program (If you really want to see someone with a huge link exchange, go see Nienke's blog roll - it is mega-huge), and return the favour. I'm interested to see how a few of my writing buddies go with NaNOWrMO - or whatever it's called ;c). Maybe I'll have time to give it a go next year.

Writers seem to clump together in cyberspace. We gather around and support each other through good times and bad. The image of the lonely wordsmith with the drinking problem, struggling through difficult times without anyone to offer words of encouragement or validation are long gone I think, or at least should be. Unless it's the type of writer portrayed in Californication - if I was single, I wouldn't mind being that kind of writer. Back to reality...

I still spend long hours in my study, on my own, but enough people send me a comment or an email to let me know I'm not the only person in my writing situation. I'm never truly alone in my writing.

My family support me, friends show interest, and the writing community, particularly writers who are only just starting out, or those who haven't made it to mega rich status yet, or have been doing it seriously for less than 7 or 8 years, are more than happy to open communication channels. Even full time writers have started communicating with me.

In a comment from an earlier post, Bianca referred to to Lee from Fiction Factor. Lee was the very first professional writer I got to know online, and helped me immensely when I first started. Her site continues to help me. I've drifted out of forums at the moment due to time constraints, but I wholeheartedly still endorse her site and her efforts to help new writers. Go join the newsletter mailing list and see what I mean.

But the point is, Bianca has only started posting the occasional comment recently and has said she is happy to do an article and allow me to link to it. And she was happy to refer me on to another source out of the kindness of her heart. That's how thoughtful writers are toward each other.

Benjamin, Felicity, Jamie, Cate, David & no doubt others who will be miffed at not being originally named in this paragraph, have all offered words of comfort and encouragement at times for no additional payment other than an occasional similar comment on their little piece of cyber-real estate, but even that isn't a prerequisite.

We are all learning the craft, and we all search other writers sites for little pearls of wisdom to both share and incorporate into our own life. Together we form a growing bond of loosely associated peddlers of fiction - and I for one am proud to be part of it.

Whether you're a lurker who has never commented, a follower, or a regular comment maker - thank you for coming.

And if you feel so inclined, feel free to join the cult of MyMusings - it's totally free! I won't take any of your assets, I include all other denominations without prejudice, and don't expect any further input if you don't wish to do so. We don't plan on killing anybody in real life but we do write lots of stories about doing it, and can be found thinking up new ways to terrorize individuals while we blend into normal society performing perfunctionary tasks called day jobs.

There are no leaders and no sexual rites performed unless you really want to and then you're free to choose your own partner to perform those rites on/with.

What more could you ask for from a membership that is here to support you while you support others.

I guarantee, if you join my cult, I will join yours :)


  1. I prefer to think of myself as a drinker with a writing problem. Thanks for the mention.

  2. ooooohh a cult following! I'll join the moment after I figure out how to add a cult thing to my own blog! oooohhh. I've never known a cult leader before.

  3. To begin your own cult following, simply add a page element from the layout tab. The gadget is called "Followers" - strangely enough.

    I'd be happy to join yours when you get it sorted.

    I'll be happy to join anybody if they return the favour...