Thursday, September 25, 2008

Good and Bad Timing

Unfortunately my eldest daughter had a car accident last night - she's fine as is the other driver - but it pretty much threw any plans of writing out the window.

I did manage to have another look at the assignment and I'm not so sure the first 500-600 words of Mobile will work in this instance. Firstly the assignment asks I use someone in a normal situation - not sure being haunted by a wife and child is particularly normal. Second, it is very much a US targeted piece with mention of a fuse box and basement (among other things) which isn't exactly the standard in Australia. Not sure the Australian lecturers would look to kindly on it.

So I sent out my newly created piece to my 2nd level readers for a technical opinion. I don't think the piece is particularly gripping in its content, but then how much can you accomplish with a normal situation and only showing the first 500-600 words at the beginning of a story?

I've had one response so far with only minor points to check, otherwise they believe I've covered off the assignment requirements.

I'll wait to hear back from my final sounding board before deciding on how to proceed.

In other news...

Next week I have to write my final article for SA50s+ Summer Edition. Last night I heard big news that will effect the article. I've been expecting it for some time, and over the last couple of weeks, all clues pointed to it happening, but when it was finally announced my editor was over the moon and sent me an article confirming things.

I've left the writing of this third and final article for this long (deadline next week) because of instinct. The topic this article surrounds had been extremely quiet up until yesterday. If I'd have written this article at the same time as I'd written the others, it would have been full of possibilities but no clear focus point.

Perhaps in freelance writing, as in life: Timing is everything.

Tonight I need to finish some updates to the website, particularly my biblio and my current work in progress which is well overdue. I've also got to check when I can look at posting full length versions of reviews from Black onto HorrorScope. I also need to clear the current hurdle I'm clambering over with Newland. Depending on how things go, I may have to give golf a miss tonight :(

Still, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and my family are all healthy (some are not particularly happy, but I can't fix everything). Life isn't too bad at the moment. Now if I could just make a sale...

Speak to you soon.



  1. Glad to hear everyone is okay. good luck with the sales.

  2. by the way I posted that picture from your last post on my blog. That is hilarious.

  3. Hi Jamie - added a link to your blog under my feeds list. I finally managed to get over to your blog for a quick glimpse. Very cool. As sson as I get some real time (I'm at work at the moment waiting for a computer to finish what it's doing) I'll have a good look.

    Thanks for listing me on yours.

    Speak soon