Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burst of Energy

So far today, I've managed to:

Catch up on all my email
Write the first draft of my article
Critique a flash fiction piece for a friend
Sent out two stories to new markets
Do a partial tidy up of the office

I'm still yet to sit down and work on Newlands but that's all I have left for today. After dinner.

Thanks to Adam Wieland, I also have the WD 101 writers websites to browse through.

Tomorrow is assignment day. This weeks module is titled "Wordsmithing" but requires feedback on my previous assignment in this module. It will have to wait. The assignment for my other module is based on the unit titled "Writing Dialogue" and involves writing a 500 word interaction between two neighbours over the fence. This should be pretty straight forward.

Plenty to always.

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