Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Appeasing The Inner Demons

Tonight I have been a good boy.

I came home and did some market work for AHWA.

Then the lad and my little one had to go out for a couple of hours exercise. On returning, I organised finishing off preparing the scrumptious dinner my wife had already done for us (insert heat up already made dinner here - it was very nice) while my lad did his thing on the computer.
After dinner, I gave the boy a set time to finish up which I stuck to. At this point I hadn't played golf at all.

I then got to work. I packaged up the resub assignment I'd finished on the weekend and commenced work on my next assignment. It's a wonderful thing when you read a prompt and an idea suddenly pops into existence.

What was strange was this idea had nothing to do with dark fiction. The assignment called for a 500-600 word start to a story that introduced a character and showed my ability to portray tension and suspense, written in the third person POV.

First draft done and is now with my first reader - my wife. Only 3rd, 4th, & 5th drafts leave this house.

The other day I had another thought. I asked my youngest to borrow a couple of YA\children's horror books from her school library so I could read them over her school holidays. She brought them home today. YA\children's books seem to be huge at the moment so I wanted to read a couple to see what they contained and if I would be able to do them.

I don't have any specific ideas for a children's book, but plenty of people keep telling me I should look into them--so I'm looking into them. Stay tuned for reviews.

So my writing work for tonight is done :c) Time for golf!

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