Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Things are progressing.

Lets review what I wanted to get done this week and where I'm at.

Two chapters of Newland - Not yet, hopefully I'll get at least one done sometime tomorrow.
Finish Wamphyri - Done
Two assignments - One almost complete
Finish reading another book - 235 pages out of 407 (but it's tough going)
Finish article for SA50s+ - Submitted today

Stepping back and looking at it, that's not too bad for a man dying of the flu only days ago. I'll finish reading the book by the end of the week. I'll definitely finish one assignment and I'll write at least one chapter. I'm guessing the article may need a rewrite as the editor will squeeze me on word count. So I end up one assignment and one chapter short of my goal for the week - the week isn't over yet so I may still manage that, but still, I think it's pretty good.

On another note...

I've got some envy I need to admit to and get out of my system. Recently I've heard of a number of people gaining sales or competition wins. I am truly happy for them, honestly I am, but...

That's it - just a little vent.

Okay, just a bit more...

Is one little sale too much to ask for? One little reply in the affirmative to give me confirmation that I can actually write and those who have suggested as much in the past aren't just pissing in my pocket!


Okay, I'm done.

Best of luck with your submissions - honestly, I mean it--would I lie to you?

You'll never believe me again now will you?

Best wishes


p.s. My interview with the CEO of Tennis SA for my article for SA50s+ went really well this morning. I'm very glad I made the time to actually go. The information allowed me to write a much truer article than the one I drafted originally. Just goes to show that a company's advertising doesn't always relay exactly the message you think it's trying to - hmm - I think there's a story in that somewhere.

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