Thursday, September 4, 2008

Review: All the Colours of Darkness

I've finished and posted my review of Paul Robinson's "All the Colours of Darkness" on HorrorScope. Bottom line: I don't recommend it as a Father's Day gift this year.

Next book up for review is "The Dirty Secrets Club" by Meg Gardiner. I should have that one for you in about a week or so.

And I need to print an apology to Polly Frost. She is apparently travelling around the place at the moment and managed to pop in and read my blog - I'm honoured she takes the time to look in on little old me. With her busy schedule she has been unable to update, but has added the promised links to Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

So please accept my apologies Polly. Just for that, I'll be looking in on The Fold and might begin doing regular reviews on it. (added 10:14PM - I went and watched episode one and it's not really my cup of tea. Funny and very much over the top, but not my sort of entertainment - sorry)

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