Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catching Up On My Feeds

While relaxing and trying to prepare for my interview tomorrow, I've been taking the odd break (read here procrastination) and been reading through my feeds. Most of the time, the authors of the feeds a little less regular then I am in posting or don't have a lot in the way of interesting stuff to say.

Still, the feeds I am subscribed to have a way of throwing up regular little gems that need to be shared.

Like this great article by Polly Frost.

Long live the short!

(Oh - and Polly, if you happen to be passing by, I still haven't seen a link to the HorrorScope review you said you'd be "linking to on all your web pages" - I know you're a busy woman but you did say it)

Time for bed.

1 comment:

  1. You're on my feed too. I usually read all the new posts from work via Google Reader because most blogs are blocked or not very easy to hide. And then Star posts I want to comment on if there's time at home. Been meaning to leave a comment on yours for a while.

    It sux that your health is getting in the way of your progress. I had a bit of flu before too. Keep it up though.