Sunday, September 30, 2007

A new market consideration

We are writers - we love to write. Some of us prefer to write exclusively in a single genre, most of us dream of retiring early and just making a good living from our words.

More often than not sacrifices have to be made to pay the bills. You've all read that I've dabbled or am at least trying to dabble in the adult markets. There's good money to be made there. I've been let in on another one. Online adult newsletters for adult sex and clothing shops. A lot of them include stories to promote their gear and they're after writers to write it for them. Very lucrative to.

Have a search around some of the online shops that sell the saucy underwear and other like minded places of commerce.

It could be worth your while. Just remember that regardless of the market you write for, you must follow the same rules of good writing. Check all submission guidelines and respect your target audience.

Good luck with your submissions and keep on writing.

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