Sunday, September 23, 2007


Hi all from a very nervous man. Before you go on to read this blog - go here and watch the movie.

Warning - some of the images are very graphic and the concepts are very disturbing - they're supposed to be. Provoking free thought from today's apathetic population is hard work! Honestly - we're trained not to have it - don't believe me - watch the movie.

It is something you should watch if you want to be fully informed of what "may" be happening in our world!!!!!

The "facts" and the submissions put forward are extremely thought provoking, to say the least. I've had some very strange thoughts leap into my head after watching this that I intend to research further before airing those concerns in the public domain - stay tuned.

For a comprehensive definition of Zeitgeist, have a look here.

If nothing else - for those of you that visit here and are writers (All of you I hope) it will provide a huge amount of stimulation of your muse.


On the writing front - EULA was rejected today but I gained some useful and encouraging comments back from the reader. I seem to get the same lady to read my submissions at this particular publication and she is very helpful with her comments. The comments as received are:

"Not bad, conspiracy pieces can be fun but this one doesn't quite hit the mark. The science doesn't seem quite right here, a society advanced enough to colonise Mars should be able to create cloned organs from an individual.
This aside, it's well-paced and entertaining but the ending doesn't deliver the payoff generated by the lengthy build-up.

Hope that's of some help, and better luck next time!"

So now I need to revisit the idea of introducing the Mars colony and dragging back some of the other technology so it's not so "out there" - should be relatively easy to do. Then it will need to be critiqued again and then sent to a new market.

On the bright side, she did say it was well-paced and entertaining so I'm getting better at the mechanics of writing (and story telling)which is very rewarding and encouraging. Past comments on this story have ranged from "What the..." to "I guessed it in paragraph 2."

I've mentioned before that this piece was the first serious piece I worked on over 3000 words and has become a love/hate type of thing. I will sell it somewhere - its just a matter of time and placement. There is a market for every idea somewhere - writers just have to keep submitting until we find it - and I will find EULA's home eventually.

Fiction Factor goes HTML! The very good and informative Fiction Factor (FF) newsletter is going HTML for the first time in its 7 and a half year history. Most writers sites die soon after conception. A very few continue to grow through the consistent good advise and content they host within their pages. Rarely, some continue to stick like the proverbial mud they peddle. I'm huge fan of FF because they have good advise from proven writers. Check their warnings page for the unethical arseholes out there. To get the good oil on writing, make sure you subscribe to this very worthwhile newsletter!

Ok - that's it from me for now - Go back to the top of this blog and click the link for Zeitgeist - if you're too lazy - click here instead :) If you were too lazy to bother doing either than the culprits who are targeted in the movie have already got you! Don't believe me - WATCH THE MOVIE!

OK - I think I've made the point.

Good luck with your writing and keep on submitting that work. (and watch the movie)

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