Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time flies

I am yet again sorry for the days that have passed without me updating.

I've had some family issues here which has taken me away from my writing. What's happened (in my writing) -

Monday night: I went to a course information session in regards to "Advanced Diploma of Arts (Professional Writing)"

Interesting session. 25 or so people turned up including me. I have never seen such a diverse group of individuals who call themselves writers - including me. There were people from a young girl still in high school, through to a couple of candidates for grandmothers and one grandfather. A young lady who could do promotional work for any product she wished to (I have a friend who also used to be in that line of work and she is a very talented and intelligent woman - so I mean nothing by it). A fella who looked as if he would be at home behind the wheel of a long-haul truck, a clean shaven beat-nick and many in between.

We were asked to do an exercise in character creation and the creation of conflict between two characters.

As an IT guy I'm required to be contactable at all times so my mobile was on vibrate - of course just as I was about to settle into this exercise - it rang. By the time I got out of the class - it stopped.

I got a whole five minutes to pen my character outline:

Janice is a 19 year old ecologist fresh out of uni. Shy around people, she is passionate about the planet, but particularly about Madagascan Lemurs. She doesn't drink or smoke but enjoys naturalism to the point of embarrassing her younger brother and sister. She has signed up on an expedition to combat recent poaching problems.

That's as far as I got - still it's an idea. I also couldn't get the thought of all these writers in this one classroom applying for the limited places in the course on offer. I thought of a reception area outside of God's office with wannabe script writers applying for a job to write "The Days of Our Real Lives" - weird but I think there's a story in that.

When I got home I critiqued a very early draft of a cool piece my friend is working on. Can't wait to see that one finished - very cool concept.

Tuesday - not a good day. Tuesday night I sequestered myself away and finished two pieces - and sent them off for critiquing.

Wednesday - another decidedly average day. Tonight - I finished another piece and sent for critiquing. My friend who does this for me will take out a restraining order at this rate. If I can get into the course than maybe I can increase my circle of writer friends. I also gave comment on another piece for her - more just general comment on a group of ideas she has and the way she intends to portray them.

And lastly I blogged :)

I have a few other pieces I am playing with and there's always my novel to get back to rewriting. It's nearly half way through it's fourth rewrite but I've hit a wall. That's OK as I have plenty to go on with and my Muse just isn't going to help with Tigers Eye right now.

So tonight I'll play with some bits and nudge around a few other things.

As long as you try to write at least something each and every day.

Have fun and be good - but if you can't be good then be safe ;)

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