Saturday, September 1, 2007


I have just received a rejection for "What Price Salvation", a little fantasy story I wrote concerning the last surviving herd of unicorns. I originally started to write it for my little girl but when the first unicorn died a horrible death, I figured I'd better write something different for her.

So this piece evolved into more of a dark fantasy piece set in Herculean times. When I received the rejection email I opened up the story to recheck it before sending it out again. I wrote this story a few months ago and I can see why they rejected it. The story itself is sound I think, the death scenes are OK but there are issues with POV and some of the dialogue is very stilted.

My writing has evolved and I think - improved. I am now trying to completely rework this piece before happily sending it out again.

The thing to remember when a rejection arrives is to have a subjective look at your work, make any changes that you deem necessary and then - importantly - send it back out!

Remember that a rejection only means that the market you sent it to wasn't the right one at the right time. There is a market for everything somewhere. Sometimes it just takes time to find it.

Good luck with your submissions and keep on writing!

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