Sunday, September 16, 2007

Back in the saddle but way off the mark

I've been playing with the idea's stirred by the new anthology market I found. I've written an outline of what I'm thinking of but its already drifted away from the guidelines laid down for the anthology market. Too bad - I like my idea - I'll look somewhere else. It currently has no title and no conflict - it's just a setting. Not even a specific character or POV.

It's Egyptian based, something I've never written a fictional story about before, so I'm excited. It has subdued adult content but that is due to the central setting. The main characters will have at least one female priestess of Hathor who is the daughter of Ra and supposedly the title holder of "The Eye Of Ra."

It will be very dark as that was the type of goddess she was before being subdued with red beer. It has all sorts of potential. I'm seriously considering making this my new major work, especially if I get selected to do the course I want next year - the ideas floating around in my head are fairly epic in proportion.

In other news - Grimoire was sent back out and then yesterday I found a market that could be ideal for it. I can't send it though due to the no multiple submissions rule. I sent it to a market that has anywhere up to a 3 month response time although I've been told they normally get back to you within a few weeks normally. Unfortunately the new market I found has a deadline of two weeks - if the first market doesn't respond in time then I guess it was never meant to be.

System Failure has gone back for one last look over by my critique friend. I've made a few additional changes on top of her minor suggested ones. It is a very complexly braided story with multiple layers. I don''t think it will work for a few people but I like it and I can't see any other way of presenting the plot I'm conveying. We'll see.

I hope your writing is proceeding just as well. Above all else, keep on writing and keep on submitting.

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