Sunday, September 9, 2007

Double Whammy

The first short story I wrote that I really liked - got rejected by Aurealis today - I expected it as I wrote EULA back in May.

It was the third short I'd ever done. It was the first one over 1000 words - 3125 to be precise.

Through critiques - after I'd sent it in (I think I've spotted a flaw in the process here) - it was unanimous that I needed a better ending, I needed to add a couple of scenes and kill a few others.

So tonight I did all that.

I now have quite the political statement of how governments may run in the future if we're not careful about what we do now - with undertones of black market organ transplants, political manoeuvrings and the greed for power all playing a part.

Total death count is 2 in 5174 words.

Yep it grew too.

Second reject off the bat wasn't such a painful one.

Grimoire was written specifically for an anthology but with future marketing in mind. The market only had a very limited call for submissions from unknown writers like me so I figured my chances weren't great.

Surprisingly I got good feedback from the editor though.

Comments like: "I found the story entertaining and likeable" were nice and enough to make me think a renaming of the town would be enough to market it elsewhere.

I have posted a call for town name suggestions here:

If you think you can help then please fire off some suggestions.

Fiction Factor is also a great writers site and forum you should check out anyway.

EULA has been resub'd after changes I'd already been working on before this rejection - like I said - I was expecting it.

Grimoire will be going out once I've decided on the new town name.

Remember - keep on writing and keep on submitting - a very wise writer once told me that there's a market for everything out there. If you don't submit - you won't find it.

Good luck with your submissions.

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