Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Rejection

This was another piece I'd done sometime ago and jumped the gun when I sent it in. Fey Island Contract was originally written to help me fill in a sub plot I needed to know about within my novel Tiger's Eye.

One of the characters carries some serious magical weaponry and I wanted to explain how he came by them for my own benefit as much as anyone else. So I wrote the short story of his finding his weapons - I have since gone back and looked at what I submitted - very green and very much a first or second draft at best.

So yet another of my original works commences the process of growing up. Again the story idea is sound so it's purely a mechanics thing. The tightening up of structure and dialogue, contractions and pacing. In another 4 or 5 rewrites, I'm sure it will be ready to go back out and face the world.

Above all - never get discouraged. If you polish something long enough, someone will see the gem beneath and accept your baby for publication, somewhere.

Keep on writing and keep on submitting.

Best of luck and thanks for reading.


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