Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dreaded Writers Block

The man with so much on the go he'll never experience a shortage of ideas - has hit a wall.

I've been revising a lot of the work I'd completed over the last 4-6 weeks, completing competition entries and generally clearing the decks. With some major family issues at home, I was distracted from writing and now suddenly I have one competition piece I'm working on that isn't due until next year and my novel (which I'm still stuck on!) - and my erotica piece that is still in formulation and had now struck a snag (to do with scene placement as opposed to content ;) - I need to go visit a few fine restaurants - the things we do for art!)

So I went in search of muse for the last few days to find something new to write. She's gone missing!!

If you see a beautiful blue haired woman, sitting around doing very little, then smack her on the wrist and send her back to me please.

I went through some old notes I'd jotted down about possible ideas, and none of them have stirred the slightest bit of a plot. So I looked around further. I have the smallest inclining of a possible line for a serial killer so I need to do some research.

I've found the ultimate resource for such plots - the Bureau of Statistics!

Cool place. Go have a look at your countries Office of stat gatherers. They have some really strange stuff if you look hard enough. Right in the middle of researching strange drownings and odd homicides, an email for Duotrope landed in my inbox.

Within the listings of markets, I find a new anthology I didn't know about. It gives me a picture and a couple of words. The guidelines then request I create a 6000 or so word story based on them.

The muse sees the competition displayed by the woman on the cover art and surges to the fore with visions of mayhem and chaos revolving around her!

Ha - excellent - I'm back in the saddle!

Good luck over coming your own writers block whenever it should strike.

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