Friday, September 28, 2007

Another submission Voodoo galore

I have submitted my piece for the current On The Premise competition. The competition is titled Disguised so the entry must have a character who uses a disguise that is important to the story - not just a quick one paragraph mention.

My story involves a woman traumatised by a sexual assault who looses the ability to have children because of it. She goes on to use the disguise of a nurse with stolen credentials to kidnap a new born from the hospital where she's been receiving counselling from for her assault.

It goes through many levels and over a six month period. I also has a lot of scene breaks in it - way more than recommended for a short story of only 4000 words but there was no other way to tell the story I wanted and with the necessary details without them.

I had my crit buddy go over it and she agreed. The story was sound but the scene breaks are a problem.

The entry had to come in under 5000 words. To play out this story without the scene breaks, a conservative guess would put the length closer to 7000 words - way too many.

I like it the way it is - it's different - let's hope the judges like something different too.

On the new works front - I seriously got stuck into my Voodoo story last night. It currently sits at 1656 words, one woman and two chickens dead. A second woman was being lined up as I finished writing at some ungodly hour last night.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your own submissions.

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