Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ha - that got you looking didn't it?

I've been toying with the idea of writing some pieces in the erotic markets. I see you all begin to shy away with thoughts of - this guy obviously isn't a real writer if he's considering writing porn!


I read an article recently that aptly described what erotica isn't - "Writing erotica isn't just about getting tab A into slot B (or slot C, for that matter)." What's Your Pleasure? by Emma MacNeil (You can find the article here)

Take the time to read it. Honestly. There are no gratuitous sex scenes in it. A couple of interesting anecdotes but no hot and heavy stuff.

This article, along with a number of others I've read in my research, has made one thing abundantly clear - it doesn't matter what the words are or the topic in hand (so to speak) - if you write badly - its bad - and no-one will want to read it, let alone buy it.

Frame your conflicts with wonderful prose, punctuate and spell correctly, pace it well, build believable characters and you may just sell your piece. Isn't that what you try to do for "mainstream" fiction markets? Well the same goes here. And the adult markets pay heaps better than most normal - so called normal - markets for short fiction.

And most people have a huge store of research data already available. Use your own experiences, speak to your friends, go to a club with a clipboard and pen and make believe you're doing a survey - you'd be surprised at how many people are happy to talk about their exploits. You'll be changing the names to protect the innocent anyway.

Added benefits: you bet there are added benefits. You will learn all sorts of things and when it comes to this area of an individuals education - a lot of us are found to be deficient. Unfortunately it's our women who put up with the majority of our failings here. Imagine the shock you're significant other will get when you suddenly begin to push "buttons" she thought you knew nothing about. Trust me - most men (and some women) have no idea what these buttons are, let alone where they are and how to press them.

How will writing about your experiences teach you new things? It won't. Reading your market to research what sells - will! All the guidelines found in the mainstream markets scream about it. "If you're not sure what we want, have a look through one of our issues in archive" - don't believe me - go have a look on Duotrope - the links on the right side of the page - Why should writing for the adult markets be any different.

Read, enjoy - practise - write. ;)

Remember, writing is supposed to be fun as well as a calling.

One last comment - never instigate anything new with your significant other without discussion and without gaining their permission first. If you can't be honest and ask then maybe you're not open minded enough to write for these markets to start with.

Have fun and be safe - and if you cant be safe, be careful.

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