Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New things on the horizon

Hi all.

Today, and for the next few months, is a time of turmoil and change in my life. Lots of different things happening around my personal life which will have profound impacts on me in the months and years ahead but until they're resolved (sometime before Christmas - I hope) I won't comment further on them.

My good friend and crit buddy has mentioned an exceptional deal for me to get a new site and domain - this is still in the negotiation phase but watch this space - Aussie musings will be getting bigger and better.

I have also had an offer to work on a new e-book. I had an idea which seemed a normal extension of something I was already playing with. On mentioning this to an editor friend, they have kindly offered to show me the ropes self publishing and promoting an e-book. Exciting to say the least.

So - apart from my writing, waiting anxiously on acceptance into my course, learning HTML, learning about e-books and self publishing and continuing to ride the current, constant downward spiral of my home life - life is pretty normal :)

I have resubmitted EULA to a new market and continue to work on improving my other shorts. I have finally made a writing timetable to better allocate my time - especially seeing how everything is requiring more time now.

Well - that's it from me for now - back to work.

Good luck with your submissions

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