Friday, September 21, 2007

A strange idea

Hi all

I've been generally paying lip service to my writing recently due to family issues. Of an evening I open my stories and do some editing and occasional rewriting but apart from three sessions of sitting down and writing erotica, I've written very little new stuff.

I did an outline for an idea I have based around the Egyptian goddess of Hathor but haven't gone any further on that one yet. Today another idea struck me.

I was sitting down in the cafeteria with my work colleagues, waiting for our morning coffees to be served up. The topic of conversation was the recent meteor that hit Peru and the zombie craze that seems to have followed it.

Hmmm - a story on zombies from bacteria carried to earth on a meteorite. Not bad but sounded like something that's been done to death back in the slasher days of the 1980's. So I went a researched some more and followed my nose to end up reading about Haitian Mythology and Voodoo. Now this is cool and has a whole heap of inspirational stuff.

From the plains of Africa to Haiti to New Orleans and onto unthought of Voodoo haunts like England, France and Poland.

Some major idea's floating to the top now. If I can just rein in my time and tie down my muse, this should be good.

I'll let you know....

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