Thursday, September 3, 2009

Writer Appreciation

Writing is a lonely vocation so any excuse to say think you to those people out there who help make it a little less lonely is something that should be encouraged.

Hence Cate's blog, which was inspired by the post over at Nathan Bransford's blog, and which has inspired a few others to take up the baton should be applauded. And now here is my effort in spreading my appreciation (warm wet towelettes can be found just inside the entrance, please clean up before you leave).

I have always looked to Cate Gardner as the iconic 'Mother' of the loosely affiliated writing group I've become a part of. It has nothing to do with age, or an Oedipus complex, it has everything to do with a writer who has produced a large body of seriously impressive work who still takes the time to encourage and interact with other writers, especially if they're new to the game. She always has a nice word to say, and if you're lucky enough for her to have a look at your work as a beta reader, then her comments are insightful, encouraging and helpful.

If Cate is the 'Mother' then I look to Aaron Polson as the 'Father' of the group. All of the writers I'm going to mention have serious talent, so to keep listing that will get repetitive very quickly, but Aaron has a knack of creating vivid and detail sensory narrative which draws the reader in so completely that physical reactions to written words are common place. He has taken the time to read a few pieces of mine and my work has become better for it. His advice and blog posts are informative, sometimes funny, and often allow a light bulb to appear ever so briefly above my head.

Jamie Eyberg, the irreverent Natalie Sin, the zany Carrie Harris, Danielle Ferries, Felicity Dowker, Barry Napier, L.R. Bonehill, Jodi Lee, the other Kate's (Taylor & Shaw), the man with the amazing August - Jameson T Caine (congrats once more, buddy), the eternally young Rebecca Nazar, Alan Baxter, Anton Gully, Laura Eno, Alan Davidson, Jason Fischer, everyone at AHWA, Joan De La Haye, Benjamin Solah, and David Such are the usual suspects who, along with "Mum and Dad", tend to leave comments on this blog and give me the encouragement to go on. With all these cyber friends, who all know the trials and self doubt a writer goes through, writing doesn't seem like such a lonely profession.

Every single one of these people have written something, somewhere, which has amazed me. I read a lot of new writers work as part of my slushing duties, and I read a fair amount of newly published work through my reviewing, and it seems obvious to me that all of these people have an immense talent which will see the light of day to the greater public through a medium of their choice in the not too distant future.

Reading back over this impressive list, it would be remiss of me to not specifically point out a few people who have, and in some cases, still do, have (or had) a big impact on my writing. Amy Treadwell, my guru - Pharosian, and Gill Ainsworth.

I am proud to name all of them as my friends!

And I'd like to take this opportunity to say to those of you who visit and lurk in the background, who may have only commented once or twice, or who have nothing to do with writing but have found my ramblings somewhat entertaining (I believe they now have a vaccine for that), a great big thank you and your presence is also appreciated.

Okay, before I get all teary-eyed and start pasting pink all over the blog again, I think that's enough appreciation for one post.

Please don't forget to deposit your soiled towelettes in the receptacle on the way out.


  1. I'm touched! Thanks mate. I did this myself today as well - looks like the meme is travelling like wildfire all of a sudden. I'll check out Cate's now too.

  2. Aww, aren't we getting all sweet?

    Thanks BT. You were the one that introduced me to all of these other horror bloggers via your blogroll.

  3. Fabulous post, BT. I wonder if I can get Aaron to mow the lawn now we are somewhat related...

  4. Thanks, BT. I've always enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading more. Eternally young--lol. Then I'd like to thank all the virgins I've bathed in the blood . .

  5. Alan - I know you're touched, we all are. Why else would we write such twisted stuff? ;c)

    Ben - that's me, the gateway to somewhere that's not such a good thing.

    Cate - I'll let you two sort that out. I'd hate to get in the middle of feuding parents.

    Bec - now I have an image of you bathing in blood - time for a cold shower ;c)

  6. It’s weird as hell, but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with the Mom and Dad thing. They both seem to be the thread that ties the whole thing together.

    Thanks for the mention; it’s an honour to be included in that fine list.

  7. As usualt, BT, you were eloquent and bang on with your assessment of Cate and Aaron (ma and pa to many). Many thanks for including me in such a fine cast.

  8. I'm honored to be mentioned in such esteemed company, BT. Thank you. I promise not to drop anything pink while I'm here.

    Do Mum and Dad read your blog?

    You've been quite instrumental in introducing me to many wonderful writers and their blogs.

  9. meant Cate and Aaron as Mum and Dad. Can I plead brain-dead? :)

  10. Thank you sir, for the kind words. And Cate; fly me over the pond and I'll be happy to cut the lawn.


  11. These are some genuine feel good sentiments, without which I'm afraid we'd all be a little bit lonely. Kind words from a kind man. Your posts make me examine my process, keep me honest, and make me feel like I have the best company in the process.

  12. Makes me wonder how writers stayed sane before the internet. We get this wonderful community at our fingertips, including people on the other side of the world : )

  13. I'm going to start calling Cate and Aaron "Mumsie" and "Dadsie." How long do you think it'll take for them to take a hit out on me? ;)

  14. I've got to agree with all of that. Particularly with Cate and Aaron being mom and dad. hehehe

    Cate always has the best cookies (titles) and Aaron always has the best beer (editorials)...

    BT - you yourself are amazing. :)

  15. Katey, Jodi - too kind

    Nat - too true

    Carrie - not long but they're going to have to live with.

    Cate, Aaron - sorry. It seems we all agree. Can I borrow the car?


  16. Thanks for the kind words BT :-) I really enjoy reading your blog and following your writing adventures. I might have said this once, but you remind me of where I was at about 4-5 years ago. Seriously. You're doing all the same things I did. Even the same TAFE diploma with the same teachers!! So you remind me a bit of, well, me.

    Keep up the good work mate, don't give up, and a combination of persistence and sheer bloody-mindedness will get you further than any other advice I can give you :-)

  17. Thanks for including me, BT!

    I just had to leave a comment when I saw my word verification was "parygon." : )