Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Another day of veging out as far as the reading and writing goes - not good. September's only 9 days old so there's plenty of time for me to turn it around. I haven't even updated the markets at AHWA yet this month - sick person still recovering here.

As far as the week that was in regards to Inner Voices, which I'm considering changing to Inner Voice - as it sounds less dramatic and less like a horror title. Opinions appreciated...

With the arrival of the subplot, I went back and reread the first 5 chapters where my character, who will become the saviour in the new subplot, dwelt in anonymity. I needed to see how much of him I actually revealed originally (not much), and what I can do to shape him into what I need.

Then I kind of got caught up in doing edits here and there and then just kept going and ended up doing little edits on the first 11 chapters. Chapter 12 and 13 are a little too fresh for me to be worrying about them now.

This was in no way the serious edits I intend to do once the first draft is finished, so don't think I managed to get through 11 chapters because they're all so great (although they're not bad - in my totally unbiased opinion). Seriously, there is way too much dialogue at the moment. The dialogue is needed, but I need to insert more descriptive narrative to break things up and create a greater overall picture - see, lots of work for me to do on the rewrite revision stage.

Sorry - tangent.

Back to the writing managed over the last week. Cue the bean...

An additional 3926 words were added, with 339 of them being due to the little edits of the first 11 chapters (told you they were little - lots of work still to come in the rewrite revision).

When added to the overall total, I now stand at -


  1. I can't decide if I like Inner Voices or Inner Voice better. I think Inner Voices, because Inner Voice sounds like you're writing a book about writing. Or maybe that's just me being recursive as usual.

    Awesome on the edits! Even little edits can make a big difference. And I hope you and all your family are feeling better.

  2. Yeah for the bean and his brew. I hope he is sharing.

  3. I'm with Jamie. Nice work of course, and make sure the bean knows how to share.

  4. I like "Inner Voice" - as in conscience, as opposed to "Inner Voices" as in bugaloo.

  5. I here you when it comes to the dialogue thing. I usually cut a third or so, replacing it with narrative.

    Good work and continued bean and brew.

  6. Go enema bean, go!

    The word "inner" does make Inner Voice sound less creepy than it could be. Perhaps there's an eerier synonym you like?

  7. A simple letter 's' and the two titles do sound completely different. I can't decide which I prefer, but I'm sure you'll know what fits the book better.

  8. I think I agree with Anton up there on the Voice/Voices dilemma.

    Don't you love when a character you thought wasn't quite so important suddenly informs you that they are, in fact, pivotal and you shall now be forced to give them the time and attention they deserve?

    They get so bossy sometimes.

  9. Give it another couple of weeks and the plot fairy is going to leave another package at your desk...

    ;) mwahahaha

  10. And progress is progress! Congrats!
    Syl, who just dropped by to say HI!