Friday, September 4, 2009

Review: This Is Not A Game by Walter Jon Williams

My review of 'This Is Not A Game by Walter Jon Williams is now up over at HorrorScope - your home of all great book reviews - go have a look and if you like techno-thrillers, near future sci-fi, have fond memories of D&D, or like to learn the tools of the trade in writing a story, then do yourself a favour and go out and buy the book.

On my review scale I'm giving it a well deserved 4.4!


  1. Going to have to look this one out. As an old (old as in former, and old as in old..) D&Der it has me intrigued.

    I'm currently readin "The Cyber Gypsies" by Indra Sinha, which features the late 80s Bulletin Board and early MMO games scene. Talk about nostalgia.

  2. I never played a lot of D&D, but this still sounds like fun.