Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A New Type Of Progress Counter For WIP Wednesday

I give you the Happy Bean. It is a happy creature who is always to be found with a beer in hand and proud of the words it has so far committed to paper/binary. It's count is always at 100% because he has totally completed all the words it claims to have completed at the time of reporting.

As it is more than happy to just let the story run its course, there is no target and therefore we are always meeting expectations. We will get there when we get there - wherever 'there' happens to be...

All I'll be adding is a weekly word count on WIP Wednesday, which this week stand at:- 2628 words, for a current overall total of...


  1. A happy bean, indeed, with a pint in his hand. A lefty at that!

  2. So when did Happy Bean get his coffee enema?

  3. Nat - while watching Korean Boy Bands on youTube!