Friday, September 18, 2009

Getting There

I've read and written reviews for a couple of titles (Jack's up). I've sorted through the copious amounts of backlogged email and even answered a few. I've read through all the old Google Reader posts and commented on a number of blogs (I was right - some of you have had excellent news to which I came late to the party) - and it's not even lunchtime yet!

I'm just about over my current bout of illness (touch wood), and seem to be getting some energy back.

I'll get some writing done over the next three days if it kills me. This thing needs to be finished!

Just for something different, I thought I'd list off my current 'to-read' list which I'm looking to finish by the end of October.

Jack of all Trades by KC Shaw
Frankenstein by Dean Koontz (for HorrorScope)
Deadlier Than The Male by Adrian Tame (for HorrorScope)
The Unwanted by Brett Battles (for HorrorScope)
Shards by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
Necrotic Tissue Issue seven (still haven't gotten to it)
Creating Short Fiction by Damon Knight

So that's my reading list for the next 6-7 weeks. What about you? Have much lined up to exercise the old grey cells?


  1. You'll absolutely love the Knight book. As for my own list...I can always find something lying around that I should have read before...plenty of piles.

  2. Don't get me wrong, Aaron, I still have 30-40 books in my real 'to-read' pile, but these are what I have planned for the next little while...I figure if I make it public knowledge then maybe I'll actually stick to it.

    Best laid plans and all that...

  3. Aww, you have a teeny pile! Makes me feel lazy ; )

  4. I have two piles: fiction and politics.

    In the fiction pile, I'm reading Company by Max Barry and then I have:
    Pygmy - Chuck Palahnuik
    The Jungle - Upton Sinclair

  5. I've just finished Stuart Neville's 'The Twelve', and have moved onto Lucius Shephard's novella, 'Floater'. I'm supposed to be reading my 'to be read' pile in order, but I'm not. I haven't decided if my next read will be a YA or a thriller I bought from PS Pub. forever ago.

  6. Cate - what was The Twelve like?

  7. I keep buying books, but find myself with little time to read them. I need a holiday...

  8. I'm glad you're feeling better. Hopefully this time you'll stay that way for a while. :)

    I've been making efforts to put a dent in my to-be-read pile the last few months, but every time I do, I buy more books. Funny how that works.

  9. After I get done with K.C.'s book I am moving on to The Twelve (Ghosts of Belfast on my cover) and then I have a slew of YA books to read and 2 Hard Case crime books. I am a slow reader though so who knows how long that will take me.

  10. Hmmm I really need to get KCs book-- it looks amazing. I don't know why I've been lazy about it! Also interested to see what you think of Shards-- eyeing that up too.

    I have two Regency Romances (these are the work of an evening each), this contrib copy of Grants Pass, and a book about Thomas Jefferson ("American Sphinx". We're going to his house next month...) I definitely want to have read before I'm too far into October, myself!

  11. Alan - didn't you just have a holiday ;c)

    KC - feeling much better, thank you. I keep telling myself to stop buying books so I can make a dent but that would be akin to not breathing (insert sigh here)

    Jamie - I'm not a particularly fast reader either. I wish I were, then I might feel so overwhelmed with my to read pile all the time.

    Katey - Get KC's book. It's sitting on my bedside table calling to me. I'm going to read it this week (hopefully) - can't wait. Shards looks cool as well. Visiting a place where history took place - that's super cool!