Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Four posts in one day, must be something in the water.

A good night tonight. I've been researching my second to last chapter as my female lead steps into the spotlight for a moment to show off her musical talents. A shout out to Talie for pointing me in the right direction. I've listened to a lot of good music tonight.

Anyway, I managed to add nearly another 1500 words tonight so it's been good night. This week I'm fast approaching the 5k mark with only another 1500 or so to go till the first draft is done. My subplot characters have just stepped up to the plate but I'm not happy with how they want it played out. I may have to tweak things a little to put at least one of them back in his place.

Either way, this first draft should be done by next weeks WIP update if not before. Woot! I can't lie, I'm looking forward to knocking this one off and having a break with something different, but it's getting late and I need to be up early.

A good night's work. I'm happy.


  1. Nice wordcount, congrats! Those subplot characters always try to take over in my writing. Sometimes they end up a lot more important than I ever intended, and sometimes I smack them back down. :)

  2. My problem this time round is I have two minor characters, one more up front than the other but in my twist, the situation was going to allow for them to reverse and reveal a weaker side of one and confirmation of the strong silent side of the other - but the little yappy weed keeps stepping forward and won't allow his partner a moment to shine. Annoying. This guys really needs to be slapped down and if he doesn't give over shortly, then his weakness will just have to be that much bigger an embarrassment. Actually, that could work in my favour for book two...

    S#$! - I need to write it down. The central plot for book two just hit me in the head. Cool!