Sunday, September 27, 2009


That's pretty much the sound of my weekend having flown past. Saturday morning I had to go into work for a quick visit to get some stuff done and then I came home and spent the entire day in bed watching TV. How slack is that? I've not done it in a while and apart from getting up to put another load of washing on, I accomplished absolutely nothing writing related.

Today I had to go back into work, which took a bit longer than it did yesterday, but when I got home, I lay on the bed and watched TV. Super slack!

Now I've finally made my way to the keyboard, but in 40 or so minutes, the Singapore Grand Prix is on so I shall resume my posture stretched out on the bed watching TV. Super, Super Slack!

I'm letting things slip. I went over my spreadsheet tonight, that thing I use to keep track of where my work is and how long it's been there. I still had things marked down as submitted when they'd been rejected a month ago. I still had things marked as submitted that had been published a month ago!

So I brought it up to date. The result, I need some new short stories. I have two that have been out to market forever and have queried a couple of times. I'm considering taking on the three strikes and you're out rule. One more query + one more month and if nothing comes back, then I'm emailing my withdrawal and sending elsewhere (actually one of them will be retired as it's erotica and I'm not submitting in that genre at this point in time).

Apart from those two, I have a grand total of five pieces out in the market place and two pieces waiting to be resubbed. Well, three of you include the flash piece I wrote Friday. I haven't had less than ten pieces out on submission for some time.

I still have to finish IV and I still have to finish my currently untitled fantasy piece. I won't mention all the reading...

Okay, priorities!

I will read the pieces sent to me that I promised to look at for a friend's up coming publication. I made a commitment and now I need to honour that. It's not a difficult job so that needs to be done first - tomorrow night!.

I need to finish IV. Maybe Tuesday night, probably Wednesday night (due to training commitments Tuesday).

I need to finish this fantasy monster I started. Thursday I have training commitments again so probably not till Friday, which is two days after the deadline for the antho. Can't be helped. If the deadline doesn't get extended then it wasn't meant to be - it probably wasn't meant to be anyway. I very rarely submit it before it's gone through a number of drafts and revisions so this piece will probably end up going elsewhere. With all that in mind, it will probably be put off until next week.

And lastly, I will begin reading one of my two HorrorScope books for review this week.

Just as well I'm only on a full time, 5 day, intensive computing course this week...


  1. Busy doing nothing and busy doing alot. It hard work working when all you want to do is write and then when you get home from work you're too tried to writing.

    I wish you lots of luck with your short stories

  2. For someone who spent the weekend slacking, you actually got a lot done.

    I think you're being too generous with the three-strikes-you're-out rule. Typically, if I send one follow-up query and don't get a response within a few weeks, I assume a rejection and start subbing the story elsewhere. I usually don't bother to withdraw it from the original market unless I got a "story received" auto-response initially.

  3. Your Saturday was my Sunday, although I had to lie down all day because I was hungover from Saturday night, but I did get some reading done.

  4. I had no internet for three days. Got some work done that way. Almost about the only way to get work done.