Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still Alive

Hi all. Sorry I've been away for the past few days. To be perfectly honest, I just couldn't drag myself to the computer - there was no inner urging of any kind so I just left it alone.

Now I've logged on to find a huge amount of email (most of it not worth reading), replies to comments I'd made about the Ditmar awards which I cannot seem to reply back to - and therefore have to let it go (which is probably a good thing but I'm not overly happy about letting a self-righteous so-and-so have the last word - some people are very happy about the distance and safety the net allows them. Me, I like long distance driving so I'm very happy to speak to people face to face). Take a breath and let it go...

Digging Up The Past has been passed on again so I need to revisit it and then find a new home. I mention this as it's the first response I've had from an editor in ages.

What else - welcome to my two new cult members (and everyone else who is lurking in the shadows, or commenting for the first time).

Team Tomlinson is just about back up to full strength. My princess is close to fully fit, the lad is about 90% of the way there and I only have a small rasping left in the throat. My better half has managed to soldier on through all our ills and complaints like the wonder that she is - thank, honey.

I've let Inner Voice (yes, I decided to drop the 's') sit long enough. I need to make a final push on getting the first draft completed. I also need to update the AHWA markets and read a few books before the end of the month.

The plan is to do the markets immediately after posting this, and then do some writing. I'm hoping to get a couple of chapters knocked off after tonights Grand Prix. So, it's all back to normal and full steam ahead.

Congratulations to the newly elected AHWA committee members. With over 200 members nationwide, the organisation is becoming quite the place to meet and greet those of a similar dark bent, and is beginning to be heard in all the right literary circles. I'm sure under the guidance of the new committee, it shall continue to do so.

Time to get some work done. I have my Google Reader pointing out that I have over 106 new entries to read, but I dare not start there until I've at least updated the markets page or it will never get done...and then I won't get any writing done...and then no reading...

I'm going - speak soon.


  1. Don't worry, BT. He didn't have the last word by a long shot. Lots of people were as annoyed as you (including me, obviously), so much so I decided to shut the whole post down - there were a LOT of comments, a whole flood, no doubt saying what you'd dearly like to have said, each angrier than the last. It got to be: flogging, dead horse, etc.

    The problem I was initially forced to post about was FINALLY resolved, so I thought ongoing unproductive conflict was unnecessary.

    I appreciate your comments very much, and I'm sorry you got spoken to so nastily, too. Totally uncalled for.

    Welcome back! :o)

  2. Move in slowly, BT. After reading your 'to do' list, I wanted to go back to bed.:)

  3. Glad to hear you're all feeling better. Good luck with your to-do list-- it looks like a killer, but I find I'm never quite as content as I am when I have lots of things to do. Particularly if I actually want to do them.

  4. 106 new entries - am too tired today to even contemplate.

  5. Flick - as long as you ended up getting your award, then I'm happy enough. I'm going to treat the loss of funds and suppoters pack as a lesson learned. Unless I'm actually going to a conference, I won't be forking out the hard earned again.

    Laura - unfortunately, the updating of the markets at AHWA took a great deal longer than anticipated and I ran out of time to do anything else - hopefully tonight...

    Katey - I don't think any of us would be doing this if we didn't love it - otherwise that would mean we're crazy or something...

    D - It's now up to 119. Luckily I'm at work and have plenty of time ;c)

  6. Hey BT, if it helps the con show-bag was basically skint. From memory there were a couple of leaflets, a CD-Rom with some old SF radio shows in MP3 format, a tiny box of matches and a condom.

    You didn't miss out on much :-)

  7. So glad to hear you're all back on the mend, BT!

    There' I owe you. o_~ I'll be getting on that before Thursday, I think.