Sunday, September 6, 2009

Can't Sleep

In the famous words of Robin Williams - it's oh two thirty in the morning. What's the oh stand for? Oh my God it's early!

Yes, it's 0233 here and my mind is running off on fuzzy and weird tangents when all I want it to do is shut down so I can go to sleep.

As it became obvious this wasn't going to happen, I got up and fired up the laptop (note to self: in the middle of winter, when you decide to work at stupid hours, put some pants on - my legs are bloody freezing!)

So, I went back and revisited my, you beaut big climax scene which I think is too short because it's missing the beginning third.

Some good news - the title of the first book came to me. One day you will all hopefully be able to purchase a copy of 'Inner Voices', Book one of the Nathan Steele series. (you'll have to imagine the trumpets and doves, voluptuous women gesticulating gently at the unfurling banner over head - you know, nothing too over the top)

More good news would be that I stopped obsessing over the length of the chapter and just finished writing it.

Bad news is, it currently sits as the second shortest chapter I've written, the first being...the first chapter. A fast start and a fast finish? Maybe...maybe I just need to let them sit and come back later with fresh eyes.

Which leads us nicely to some more good news...I'll be letting it sit where it is and come back to it later with fresh eyes...couldn't see that one coming could you? Oh, you did... :c(

Well, that's enough from me and it's good night from him, so because it's technically Sunday here, and therefore Father's Day in Australia, and I'm going to be tired and not feel like looking at a computer screen at all tomorrow, Happy Father's day to everyone out there.

Time for bed...


  1. Happy father's day to you. I hope you have a restful one.

  2. "you'll have to imagine the blah blah blah VOLUPTUOUS WOMEN blah blah blah"


    I can't work at night. I have to get up around 5am if I want to write.

  3. Not too over the top at all! I like the name, sounds like the sort of thing I'd see on a shelf and pick up out of sheer curiosity. That's what we love, isn't it?

    Happy father's day!

  4. I was up at two as well, playing internet Mah Jong and looking for DJ Ozma videos. Sounds like you were a lot more productive!

  5. Happy Dad's Day! Hope you can take it easy sans sleep.

  6. Hope you managed to get some sleep and have a good father's day. Hope everyone is super nice to you, especially editors.

  7. Happy Father's Day, put down the pen and relax.

  8. Nobody reminded me that it was pantsless Friday!

    Oh, and Happy Father's Day to you.

  9. I think you should let it sit for a while as well and come back to it. Hope you had a great Father's Day.