Monday, September 7, 2009

Father's Day Wrap Up

My family don't want me to write - I'm sure of it.

They all know I have a weakness for cute little Pokemon and other time wasting games like golf on the Wii. For Father's Day, I got Ashes 2009 for the Wii.

Last night I managed to do two things Ricky and the boys couldn't: I won in Cardiff (in under three sessions!) and I scored over 300 in the first innings at Lords. I managed zero reading or writing ;c(

Heading into the third session on day one of the second test, Australia has been bowled out for 320 and England are reeling at 4 for 70 odd. How will I ever get any writing done when things hang in the balance?

Okay, it's true I'm playing it on the easy level to figure out how to control the myriad of functions - it's quite an in depth and complex game - but an ass kicking is still an ass kicking. Cricketing world order has been restored, at least in my house ;c)

On top of that, further evidence of my family's attempts to keep me away from the keyboard include: a new micro SD chip for my daughter's old DS unit so I can hunt all the Pokemon I want when not playing cricket, and a sorely needed new step ladder so I can get additional jobs done around home and not lug around the big ladder (when not playing cricket or hunting Pokemon). Is it just me or is there a pattern forming here?

I hope all the dad's out there had a great day. Thank you to my lovely wife and kids for making my day as wonderful as always.


  1. Glad to hear it was a good day in your house. Since I don't have kids, I'll just live the day vicariously through others.

  2. I'm happy for others to include fur-kids, plant-kids, others-kids!

    I don't care - go out and treat yourself to something nice.


  3. To catch the Pokemon, do you have to think like a POkemon? ; )

  4. Nat - remember back to that picture of Pikachu I had on my blog and where all the kids had to enter...that's how you have to think to catch Pokemon ;c)

  5. Sounds like a great day! nothing like video game goodness to lighten the soul and take our mind off the more pressing matters of manuscripts. Still if you can play games with your children it is well worth it.

  6. Cricket and Pokemon-- sounds like a satisfying Father's Day indeed. I love games. I think the writing would drive me mad without 'em. :D